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Taylor Rose tailor the project management approach and contracting strategy to meet our clients needs. We are fully flexible and will work with our clients to determine the right contracting methodology which will ensure the successful management and outcome of the project. We will integrate with our clients project team and make sure that all key stakeholders are kept informed of key project milestones.

Our goal is to produce a production area or production facility that we can all be proud of, and encouraging project ownership is something we strive achieve at all levels of our work both within the design team and the construction team. For more on a project methodology scroll down.

Food Factory Concept Design

Taylor Rose will get involved at the early design stages of a food factory project, enabling us to achieve practical, workable, cost effective solutions that translate into a first class food or drink facility. Our civil, structural and process experience mean we can handle all aspects of the production design process.

Value Engineering

Our expertise in ensuring the best value for your project is at your disposal. We understand our business and what the marketplace can offer to meet all food construction project requirements. We build value engineering into our projects from day one by managing and monitoring the process throughout the project lifecycle.

Industry knowledge

We pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of the food manufacturing industry along with other  high care sectors. Taylor Rose do not carry out general construction projects, so all our engineers and project managers understand the specialist working conditions required within food, drink & high care production. We are food factory specialists.

Production Process Optimisation

All of our design and process engineers come with extensive food manufacturing experience. We will design your food factory from the inside, out. Our experience of product flow, cross contamination factors and process optimisation mean we can be a valuable asset in terms of process development as well as construction.


To read some of our recent case studies please visit our Experience page for our list of clients and project overviews. If you would to speak to us regarding any of the work we have carried out please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We have designed & improved facilities for a number of different manufacturers across the food and high care industries. Call us today and speak to our team, who can help you take your initial thoughts and turn into a live business case proposal


CDM  Co-ordination

Our own in house civil and structural capabilities mean we are able to fully comply with CDM regulations and always maintain the highest standards of project management.

Safety in Design

We have designed & improved facilities for a number of different manufacturers across the food and high care industries. Our process is iterative, considering personnel safety and food hygiene and every stage and always including our clients and key stakeholders in the every stage.

Health, Safety and Environment

The success of any project is defined by whether it is executed in a safe & sustainable manner. It is fundamental to the well being of all involved that detailed plans are prepared and communicated for each project we undertake. We have a full time Health, Safety & Environement Manager dedicated to supporting our on-site teams to ensure that all policies and principles are enforced and adhered to.